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Child's hand over literacy worksheet


Chatham Speech and Myo provides evaluation and treatment of many childhood speech and language disorders, as well as myofunctional therapy for children to adults. During the evaluation process we gather developmental history and medical history prior to determining what type of evaluation is indicated. Typically, a full speech and language assessment is carried out over several appointments so the child doesn't fatigue. Results are discussed in detail with the family and treatment recommendations are made.


If therapy is indicated, your child will be placed with one of our therapists. That placement is made based on the child's scheduled needs. Your child will be scheduled for 1-3 thirty-minute sessions per week depending on the level of need. We have found that  30 minute sessions maximize the therapeutic impact as the child is able to maintain his focus and attention for the majority of the session. Feedback is given at the end of each session and suggestions are made for ways to carry-over strategies and techniques that were targeted in the session.  

A speech therapist is reading a book with a male child
A speech therapist is playing with a toy helicopter
Karen Masters is reading a book to a toddler

speech sounds & articulation

Phonological delay

Delayed speech & language

Articulation disorders

Dysfluency (stuttering)

Language & literacy

Expressive language

(written and spoken)

Receptive language

(Following directions, reading & listening comprehension)


Reading (decoding)


orofacial myology

Tongue thrust

Thumb & finger-sucking elimination

Pacifier elimination

Correct tongue rest position

Nasal breathing

Correct chewing and swallowing

Occupational therapy

Activities of daily living

Fine motor skills

(handwriting, cutting, manipulation with hands)

Gross motor skills

(Balance, coordination)

Sensory processing

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