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Are you new to Orofacial Myology? Have you done some training but feel not quite comfortable making clinical decisions or supporting your patients through the treatment sequence? Karen is available to guide you with 1:1 mentoring.

Who is Karen Masters?

Karen is a passionate, skilled and experienced speech therapist. She has dedicated almost the past decade of her 40 year career to learning and practicing in the field of myofunctional therapy.


She completed her first myo training in 2014 with NeoHealth Services under the guidance of skilled mentors, and soon after obtained IAOM certification (which she still maintains). She has also completed the requirements to be awarded her QOM through NeoHealth Services.

Karen Masters

Karen spent 7 years in the field of myo training, traveling to various cities, coordinating logistics and supporting attendees and instructors across all the course locations. Karen has also supported many myo training program graduates via a  Facebook group dedicated to providing them the support they needed as they began their own journey into the assessment and treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders.


Karen's commitment to ongoing, advanced learning in the area of myofunctional therapy is also seen in her involvement in co-founding "The Myosphere" symposium along with three of her colleagues. Each year they bring in leading speakers in the "myo space" to support advanced level myofunctional learning.


In her own practice, Karen has journeyed with many patients through the often arduous path of sorting out their myofunctional issues. This has given her great practical insight into the various modalities involved in client care. Karen is thrilled to collaborate with orthodontists, pediatric dentists, otolaryngologists, oral surgeons, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other speech therapists when creating treatment plans for patients.


Karen has also mentored a number of her own staff through their myo training and is passionate about helping the next generation of myofunctional therapists to provide excellent client care.

How can I help?

Discuss Clinical Cases:

Do you have a patient that you want to dicuss and get some help conceptualizing what your first steps are in treating them? I can help you!

Do you have existing patients that have palteaued in their myfunctional therapy and you dont know what to do? I can help you!


Clinical Decision-Making:

You have a patient that isn't your "typical" myo case and aren't sure how to decide if therapy will benefit them?  Lets talk about those complex clinical scenarios and establish some clinical direction for your cases or learn how to explain to the patient why therapy isn't indicated. Practice those difficult conversations.   

Assist in Treatment Planning:

Not sure how to establish effective treatment goals tailored to individual needs?  Leverage my experience to devise  personalized strategies that will help patients achieve their therapy goals!

smple4 (1).png

Review Assessment Results:

You completed your evaluation but don't know how to synthesize all your observations and results into a treatment progression. I can help you!  We will  interpret your results and discuss how your results translate into therapy goals and treatment plans. 

Practice Therapeutic Exercises:

You've taken a course or two and have your list of ecercises but don't  know how to demonstrate them or even do them yourself! Let me help you lean the exercises and the "why" behind the exercises you choose for your patients!  Through detailed instruction and feedback, you will feel confident knowing  that exercises are performed correctly for optimal therapy progress.


Joy Lantz, 


Your expertise as a speech language pathologist has truly transformed my professional journey and I am forever grateful. I was so lucky to be able to attend a course that provided both dental hygiene and speech language pathology perspectives. I possessed a wealth of theoretical knowledge but struggled to apply it effectively. Your ability to bridge the gap between knowledge from lectures and practical hands-on use is truly remarkable. I learned invaluable techniques to enhance my interactions with patients and provide them excellent care. Thank you for being an exceptional mentor and for paving the way for the next generation of professionals in this field.
Sandra Izsa, MS, CCC-SLP

Sandra Izsa


I am extremely grateful for my mentorship experience with Karen Masters. After completing the myofunctional training course, I was overwhelmed by the idea of putting this new knowledge to use without guidance from an experienced myofunctional therapist.  Karen is an expert in the field and provided detailed answers to all my questions.  It was extremely helpful to talk through cases with her and receive guidance from assessment through treatment.  She was able to offer creative solutions to help my clients overcome specific challenges and provided the functional “why” behind many of the exercises that I had learned.  I am really enjoying watching my clients improve through the use of myofunctional therapy and could not have done it without Karen!  
Kathleen Scaler Scott PhD CCC-SLP

Kathleen Scaler Scott PhD CCC-SLP
Professor, ASHA Fellow
Department of Speech-Language Pathology, Misericordia University

I am a college professor in speech language pathology. When I was teaching a speech sound disorders course I wanted my students to have the most current information on oral facial myology. I sought out Karen Masters as my mentor. Karen provided me with the perfect blend of her theoretical and practical knowledge. With Karen I got to have deep discussions covering what we do and don't know in this field. Her knowledge of the area is deep and her mentorship allowed me to pass on cutting edge information to my students. I can't thank her enough. 

Work with me!

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