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Tiny Transformations, your expert pediatric physical and occupational therapy service provider, and Chatham Speech and Myo have joined forces and now provide Speech Therapy, Myofunctional Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy under one roof! 


The collaboration was serendipitous! Ashley Scully of Tiny Transformations came to our office looking for some help with her own child and was impressed with how her son's care was handled. She developed a strong relationship with the treating therapist and when we learned that Ashley was an Occupational Therapist the wheels began to turn.  


 After talking with Danielle MacCourtney, the owner of Tiny Transformations, it was clear that our philosophies aligned and our desire to better support the individual needs of all our patients made the decision easy.

Tiny Transformations now has a beautiful therapy treatment area in the Chatham Speech and Myo office.


Our therapists are highly skilled and are able to address a wide array of abilities and diagnoses. We strive to empower parents and caregivers to help their children accomplish agreed-upon goals. With this in mind, our services not only focus on delivering excellent individualized care to our children but also ensure that caregivers feel comfortable carrying over techniques of therapy to better achieve prescribed home programs and reach desired goals. 


Through Chatham Speech and Myo’s and Tiny Transformation’s collaboration, we are able to provide comprehensive treatments that include, but are not limited to:  


  • Torticollis 

  • Plagiocephaly 

  • Developmental Delay  

  • Handwriting 

  • Sensory Integration 

  • Sensory Feeding & Picky Eating 

  • Infant Treatment (tummy Time, NICU Graduates, Feeding & Positioning) 

  • Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Impairments 

  • Toe Walking 

  • Attention and Executive Functioning  

  • Brachial Plexus Injury 

  • Weakness 

  • Cerebral Palsy 


If you’re looking for a well-rounded approach to address your child’s needs, head on over to our Contact page and schedule a free consultation today! 



Karen Masters


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