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Children Playing and Laughing during therapy

Your local speech pathology & myofunctional therapy practice in New Jersey.

Welcome to Chatham Speech and Myo

Karen Masters is the owner of Chatham Speech and Myo. Speech Pathology and Orofacial Myology is our specialty
Karen Masters,

Our unique style & philosophy >

At Chatham Speech and Myo we believe that every person has needs that are unique. We evaluate and treat everyone with the utmost integrity, honesty, and sensitivity in an environment that understands the importance of a patient-centric approach. We will work closely with you so you can understand and support our intervention.


My staff and I strive constantly to improve our client's speech, language, oral function and communication skills. We understand the cumulative impact good oral function and communication has on a person's life and how they experience the world.  

speech sounds & articulation

Phonological delay

Delayed speech & language

Articulation disorders

Dysfluency (stuttering)

orofacial myology

Tongue thrust

Thumb & finger-sucking elimination

Pacifier elimination

Correct tongue rest position

Nasal breathing

Correct chewing and swallowing


Behavioral feeding therapy is for individuals that have limited diets due to food avoidance in the absence of physiological feeding or swallowing disorders.

Language & literacy

Expressive language

(written and spoken)

Receptive language

(Following directions, reading & listening comprehension)


Reading (decoding)


pediatric occupational and physical therapy

with Tiny Transformations

designed to address a child's impairments, improve function, and optimize their ability to participate in age-appropriate activities

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